Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I received a blog award from Georgie! Dankeschön :)

According to the rules on Georgie's blog, I think I'm supposed to write seven facts/things about myself and then award other bloggers. 

Okay, so, seven facts about myself:

1. I'm from the UK but I live in Canada. I've been here for about seven years, but I still have a very strong English accent :s

2. I'm not always conscious of this, but apparently people find me very 'spacey' and I remind them of Cassie from Skins, aha. A few people said I even look like her, but I genuinely don't see the resemblance. I don't have blonde hair, for a start.

3. I'm in love with fashions of the 1950s and 60s - I like anything vintage. I get excited if I see "retro" Coke in the glass bottles, haha. I also love everything about the 80s: the music, films, fashion, t.v shows, etc. I think if I absolutely had to choose which decade I want to live in, I would choose the 80s.

4. I like to write. I'm an English major at university, although I don't really think I'm likely to become a published writer, haha. I'm thinking about revising a story I wrote two years ago and submitting it for publication. You just never know :') 

5. Aside from writing, I like to sew. I was initially going to study fashion at university, but in the end I decided English would offer something more promising - I might become a teacher. But in my spare time, I like to make skirts and dresses. I recently made a little black dress inspired by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys

6. I went through a major emo/goth/scene phase when I was younger. Fortunately, I don't have any photos of that tragic time :')

7.  I want to travel a lot. I really want to go to Germany and Austria and Switzerland, and I'd love to visit the Netherlands. I also want to visit every state in America. My brother has done that - I have a souvenir teddy or t-shirt from every state. So far I've only been to New York and Florida. 

Now for the awards:

Georgie - She has a great blog. Even though I don't understand much German, I can still look at it and get something out of it. There are a lot of cooking recipes and some fashion posts :)

Elisabeth - One of my other favourite blogs; I've been following her for a while. She's extremely sweet and really helpful when it comes to my German hausaufgaben :') Her blog is really lovely, with lots of photos and meaningful posts, and she has an amazing sense of style. 

Shirin - The only person I could actually consider a best/close friend, so of course she gets an award :) Her posts are quite funny, aha. 

Katherine - This girl posts stunning photos!

Also, if anybody has Tumblr, you can follow me here :)


  1. oh thank you so much for your kind words! :) When read your first post I knew immediately: I will like this blog! :)

  2. Oh, thanks! :D
    I would do this but you're literally my only follower, hahah. Perhaps I'll post seven facts, though! Perhaps..

  3. heyy i really like your blog :) i love vintage, writing and travelling too :)