Tuesday, 25 October 2011

When I'm supposed to be doing homework, I start taking photos. Not even particularly good ones, haha. I've never considered myself photogenic. You can probably tell why.

Also, I've noticed that I have a few German-speaking followers, so I'm going to make the effort...

Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch, aber meine grammatik und mein wortschatz sind nicht gut.

I don't know how to say the rest, but basically I want to practice my German, haha. If I got that sentence above correct, I'm proud, because I wrote that without help from Google translate :') But ja, feel free to comment in German and I'll try my best to reply. I'm still only learning, so es tut mir leid :P

1 comment:

  1. Hey great ;) The pitures are great because you're really very beautiful!

    And this sentence is almost correct, you only have to take "sind" instead of "ist" because "grammatik" and "wortschatz" are two words, so plural:

    Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch, aber meine Grammatik (it's female) und mein Wortschatz sind nicht sehr gut. (or better: nicht so gut)

    But hey, you did it really well, I'm curious to read more in German of you! :D

    and thanks for your nice comment ...love is really a complicated thing :S