Monday, 14 November 2011

I'm actually getting quite impatient for it to snow, even though I don't like cold weather. It snows heavily in Canada - not like in England where the first snowfall melts an hour later. I wish it would do that here. I want it to snow, but then go away again and just rain :P 

My dad sent me this lovely dress last week:

It's from a shop in the UK called Republic. I'm going to wear it more around Christmas/New Year time for parties and whatnot. I think it's so pretty! It's navy blue, if you can't see it properly (I just can't take decent photos on my good camera, so I have to use my webcam). 

I also did a little room decorating:

I haven't been feeling very happy for the past few weeks, so I started going through some magazines for pictures to stick on my board. Somehow, it's made me feel a little better. It makes my room feel a little cheerier and girlier. Also, I'm going to see The Kooks in concert next Wednesday! I'm going with my brother and his girlfriend, even though he doesn't particularly want to come, hahah. They're my absolute favourite band, so I very passionately forced him into buying a ticket so he could go with me :') I really can't wait. 


  1. oh i love snow but i can't stand cold weather too xD

    the dress looks really lovely and suits you perfect :D

  2. Oh no snow is great!! :) But I understand you ... here in Vienna it's sooo cold, that I prefer to go home after school immediately xD

    oh and this dress looks so amazing and suits you really perfectly! ;)