Monday, 2 July 2012

My new shoes came a few weeks ago! I'm so in love.

I've been seeing a lot of 1920s fashions recently, particularly in regards to hats and shoes, such as here in the magazine Nylon,

I couldn't stop looking at this section of the magazine, as the 1920s are definitely one of my favourite fashion eras. So when I saw those shoes in the shop, I just about died. I had to order them online, since they didn't have my size in stock, but they arrived at my house only a day or two later! 

I will admit though, they aren't the comfiest shoes ever. I wore them to a wedding and my feet were just aching; they feel a little heavier than other heels I own. Even when sitting, I had a strong urge to take them off. They're much too lovely to really complain about though! 

The neutral shade of them is perfect too, as it means I can wear them with just about anything and get my money's worth out of them. 

I hope you are all well! 

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I know I say this ALL THE TIME, but I never post on here anymore! I need to get my act together for those of you that actually read my posts. 

Quite a bit has happened since my last post. I turned nineteen (June 4th) and I got a job! I actually got the job on my birthday, which was a nice birthday present, in a way, haha. I work at a fabric shop. Now that means I'll have MONEY. So I spent some my first wage today and bought this outfit (above) today! Its all from Forever 21. Also, ignore the mess in the background; I originally took this photo just to show my friend, but now its too dark to take a better, mess-free one.

I know I also say this a lot too, but I will try and take better pictures of my clothes. I've been using my webcam all this time, but I'd like to start taking good quality photos. That skirt I'm wearing is actually a dusty rose shade, not a rusty sort of red/orange, but I don't think you can tell :( so yes, I will need to start taking better photos. 

I also bought some shoes today. I didn't take any personal photos, so here are the website ones:

The one above is my favourite! I just love the little strap across the front; they're like a 1920s sort of style, so of course I snatched them up. I had to order them online though, so I don't physically own these as of right now. I saw them in the shop last week, when I didn't have the money for them, and they were gone when I came back today. So I looked online and ordered them there!

And I got this one for a wedding. I was initially looking for the first shoe, with the strap, but that was gone. So I settled for these, which are just as cute! I'm loving the neutral tones. I could wear these shoes (both pairs) with anything, so I definitely don't regret buying two pairs of shoes! I know I'll wear them again and again.

I'm expecting a dress in the post any time soon as well, so I'll be sure to post pictures of that! 

I hope you're all well and I hope I'll keep updating this blog! 


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I haven't posted anything in such a long time! 

I just got my hair cut, but I think its too short :( the longest part of my hair is really thinned out, so its barely noticeable compared to the thickness of the rest of my hair; its really thick and full at the top, all choppy and layered, but there isn't much left of my longest length of hair. I do like the style otherwise though, and my hair feels ten times lighter, but I just wish I had more long hair underneath! :(  Its lucky my hair grows fast.

Have a lovely week! <3

Monday, 27 February 2012

I got a bow for my hair :') 

I actually don't have much else to say, ahah. I wish I had an interesting blog, so if anybody has some suggestions in regards to what I should post, please let me know (: 

I have one more month of school left! I'm actually rather excited to move out, since I'm fed up with living in residence; its always so noisy and my only eating options are pizza and other fast-food. I've put on quite a bit of weight because of it, which isn't very bad because now my boobs are bigger! But still, I can't survive on fast food for much longer. 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

I'm really not very good at updating consistently, so I apologize! I just wanted to make a little post for my dog, who died a few weeks ago :(

I miss her so much, but she was suffering from cancer and we finally had to put her to sleep. I think it was the kindest thing to do. So, this is Jessie:

I love the ones of her in the snow - those were taken in England. She loved going for walks in the woods and chasing little squirrels around :') I'm sure she'll be chasing squirrels wherever she is now. I love you Jessica, rest in peace xoxox

Sunday, 22 January 2012

I just noticed how long my hair is getting! I'm so proud, aha. It still isn't as long as I'd like though; I want at least a few more inches and then I might be satisfied :')

Also, I found these horrendous photos of me from when I was younger. I thought I'd share them because they're quite funny:

I saved the best for last. I was just too sexy for my own good:

Yep, so that is what I looked like! 

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I wore this outfit yesterday and got a lot of compliments, so I thought I'd post it on here! :) Once again, I'm sorry about the quality of the camera. I have an excuse every time for this: my proper camera's battery is nearly dead and I can't find the wire to re-charge it, so I had to use my webcam. And in any case, I can never find a good spot to place my camera to put it on self-timer. I'm so pathetic, aha. 

I had to turn my laptop on its side to get that last picture, hahah. Also, the skirt is supposed to be like a caramel colour. 

And I wore these shoes with it:

My friend actually gave me these! She's going back to Australia and couldn't fit them in her suitcase, so she gave them to me. I just love them and they look much better than my old ankle boots; it sounds really silly, but my old boots made my legs look fat and stumpy, at least in my opinion, so I didn't like to wear them very often. These ones are much more flattering.