Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Outfit of the day, haha. I didn't actually wear this anywhere because I wasn't feeling well and therefore didn't leave my room much. But I like it so much I thought I would show it off and post it on here :)

The skirt is from Forever 21 and I forget where I bought the tights. They're a pinkish-purple in natural light. 


  1. oh wonderful skirt an tights as well! I love forever21 :) We have two stores in Vienna but both opened quite recently. But I'm so in love of the clothes there :D

    But why did you feel not so good? You ware very beautiful and this skirt looks great ony you! ;)

    Ok so if you need help, just leave a comment on my blog ;) I would be very happy to help you :) !

  2. oh yes sure! You have to eat "Steckerlbrot" :D It's only normal bread but you have to be very patient :D

    but now you also have to share a bath in the university, don't you? (Fortunately - in this case - we have only one boy in our class :D and together they were two :D)

    my blue skirt is also from forever21 :) I would like to spend my whole money there, because the clothes are so amazing! :) They also change the collections so often, I think. Do you also have a job among studying?

    thank you for your lovely comment about Lilly! ;) I love it to take pictures of her :)

    Oh yes I have an email adress! I'll post it under this comment ok? and please delete my post with the adress after you read it ;)

    I would really like to help you and try to answer as soon as possible ;) German is a really complicate and I would also say difficult language, but also very nice :)

    have a nice night :)

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  4. Hmm I'm not sure what you mean with proper bread dough xD it was made by the cook of our hostel :P It was only a dough and yes you wrap a little bit upon the wooden branch. Hope you understand my try to describe it xD

    Oh no we also didn't have bath tubs, just showers but I don't really like it to share it with more than one person (my mom) :S

    Unfortunately no, because I haven't ever been in the USA :( but you? (jealous!!!!!!!!!!) You're living in Great Britain, don't you? But I'll one day and for now I'll just google it :D six floors *_* we have only 3

    I think that's the best. I still go to school for two years but I look for a Sunday job right now, because I want to travel to Amsterdam with a friend next summer holidays and I also want to have more money for shopping :D But I understand you. My school is also very difficult, but I try it, job and school.

    So, I hope your money will come soon! Have a nice friday evening ;)

  5. aaw, you have very pretty legs! :p