Monday, 19 September 2011

It's so cold today, so straight after my morning lesson (German) I went and bought myself a cup of coffee. I think it's actually colder in my room than it is outside, which is also why I'm wearing my big stripey sweater. As you might be able to tell, I really like it, haha. 

I have the rest of the day to study now, which I think I'll dedicate entirely to German, as I have a quiz on Wednesday. Every time I tell someone I'm studying German, they look at me like I'm mad and go on to tell me that its a difficult language. I don't find it that difficult though - so far, at least. In fact, I find it easier than French. Even if it does turn out to be really confusing and difficult, I'm not giving up on it. 

Oh, and I also got this lovely dress on the weekend:

I couldn't get any full-body photos on my webcam, because the lighting goes all shadowy and dark when I step back, so I'll take better photos on my proper camera later. It's basically just a fitted lace dress :)


  1. thank you very much :p
    aw my god i'm in love with your hair!
    i want your hair and your legs hahahaha xd
    you seem to be very pretty :)

  2. Thank you for your kind words but I have to give them back! :) I really love your look, I want to have this dress!!!! *_*

    Yes, you have to listen to his music :D

    I have the same problem with the webcam :S Unfortunatley I don't have a camera -.- I always use my mobile phone to take photos :( Better cameras are so expensive :(

    Omg wow, Canada :) When did you move to Canada? I'm in love with Great Britain and I want to live there one day :D

    I got your email and I already answered ;)

    wish you a nice days ;) It's also cold here at the moment, but I like this :D

  3. thank you:p
    haha really? thats cool! well, actually not really haha :d but i'm glad i'm not the only person who feels that way :p