Monday, 26 September 2011

It's difficult to really see in webcam photos, but I've re-dyed my hair! Its more ginger-ish and now all my hair is one colour :')

Also, my friend said I should write about this next thing: last week, I accidentally got my myself a boyfriend. Not many people can do that, haha. It was this boy in my philosophy class. I don't want to repeat all the details because I'm so embarrassed by it all, but now this boy won't leave me alone. I 'broke up' with him very soon after he 'asked me out'. I didn't even give it a day. Now he constantly texts me and tries to find ways to hang out with me - for the past week, he kept sending me these stupid soppy text messages. It will have a lot of humour value later, but right now, I'm just getting irritated. He just phoned me half an hour ago, in fact (I didn't answer, hahah). I don't understand how some boys just don't know when to stop.

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  1. haha hee he seems s little bit creepy to me haha xd