Monday, 24 October 2011

My clothes from New Look arrived! I ordered these from last week and they just arrived a few days ago. I'm so happy :) The first photo is just a floral top and the second is a paperbag skirt (its kind of ruched at the waist). I've also just ordered a book called 'Charlotte Sometimes' by Penelope Farmer. If anybody knows the song 'Charlotte Sometimes' by The Cure, that's what caught my interest in the book. I couldn't sleep last night and was curious as to the song's meaning, and apparently its based on that book! I looked at an excerpt when I ordered the book, and you can definitely tell where the lyrics of the song came from. From what I read, it sounds really interesting.


  1. the floral top is totally cute.
    and I love the cure^^

    your blog is really lovely.
    you definitely have a new follower :D


  2. Oh I love this shirt in the first pic *_*
    have fun by reading ;)