Thursday, 8 September 2011

I'm loving res a lot more than I thought I would. I've made so many friends, particularly with some of the Australian girls and, of course, the British girls. I'm surprisingly so at ease with everyone already. Naturally, I'm still quiet, but the only change is that I'm not so shy anymore. If I have something to say, I just say it, which I never used to normally do. I don't know where this sudden change came from.

It's still Frosh week, even though classes have started. I've cut up my Frosh shirt (above pictures), so that its all slouchy and off-the-shoulder. I cropped it as well at the bottom, so now it doesn't swamp me whenever I put it on ;D

I'm getting a bit of a cold though, which is so very typical. That might be due to a combination of not eating properly and staying up most of the night. I've probably lost weight too, but I'm not complaining on that one, ha. I just don't know what to eat, besides salad, when everything on campus is fast food. And I can't get much sleep either, no matter how early I go to bed, because there will always be other people awake and making loads of noise in the corridor - slamming doors and whatnot. So, those are the only reasons I would consider going home for the weekend. 

As for classes, German is my favourite so far. I've always loved that language and wanted to learn it; I want to learn loads of languages, actually. I want to learn Dutch next, and also master French, because I can't speak that as well as I can read it. My other classes are Studies in Literature, Professional Writing, Intertextualities (a fancy term for English), and Ethics. I also want to take up ballet again. There's a recreational centre on campus that offers classes for about $90, so I've packed my ballet shoes and dance kit. 

I might go shopping this weekend, because I think my pay cheque goes in tomorrow (it's actually nearly midnight now, so I reckon I'll wait up a bit longer to check my bank balance online and see if anything changes, haha). I'm dying to have a look around all these vintage shops my friend Rose was telling me about - apparently its like Camden Market, so that's got me all excited. 

But anyway, all-in-all, its fantastic here :)

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  1. Hey great new shirt! ;) Looks very nice on you ;) Thanks for your comment, but your cat is also very cute, I think :) Actually I wanted to have her sister, who was a tiger cat, but she was still spoken for another family :S But it wasn't so important for me how my cat has to look. Every animal has to be loved! :)

    I wish you a successfull shopping tour and it would be nice if you post some of your new things, maybe? :) Would like to see them ;)

    And I also wanted to say: If you like I could help you with German, becauste it's my mother language :) So if you want to know something or need some help, you can ask me ;)

    have a nice friday night! ;)