Monday, 2 July 2012

My new shoes came a few weeks ago! I'm so in love.

I've been seeing a lot of 1920s fashions recently, particularly in regards to hats and shoes, such as here in the magazine Nylon,

I couldn't stop looking at this section of the magazine, as the 1920s are definitely one of my favourite fashion eras. So when I saw those shoes in the shop, I just about died. I had to order them online, since they didn't have my size in stock, but they arrived at my house only a day or two later! 

I will admit though, they aren't the comfiest shoes ever. I wore them to a wedding and my feet were just aching; they feel a little heavier than other heels I own. Even when sitting, I had a strong urge to take them off. They're much too lovely to really complain about though! 

The neutral shade of them is perfect too, as it means I can wear them with just about anything and get my money's worth out of them. 

I hope you are all well! 

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  1. Ahhh. cutest shoes! And I love those hats. Wish they were really in style again :)