Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I haven't posted anything in such a long time! 

I just got my hair cut, but I think its too short :( the longest part of my hair is really thinned out, so its barely noticeable compared to the thickness of the rest of my hair; its really thick and full at the top, all choppy and layered, but there isn't much left of my longest length of hair. I do like the style otherwise though, and my hair feels ten times lighter, but I just wish I had more long hair underneath! :(  Its lucky my hair grows fast.

Have a lovely week! <3


  1. Oh no, it really looks nice though! :) And you have great curls, you don't brush your hair, do you? :) I never do it, only shortly before I wash it! :D

    And hey is this top, you wear from H&M? There is a similar one in our stores and I just love it!! =)

    Why did you mess it up, when you tried Henna? What happened, I'm curious! :D

    And thank you for your lovely comment =)

    much love

    1. Hey! :) no, I actually never brush my hair, haha. It doesn't seem to get matted and tangled much, so I don't really brush it that often.

      Yes, it is! It's a chiffon top. Is it the same one you're talking about? I really love it :')

      And my hair story, haha. When I dyed my hair, I didn't use Henna. I just used a hair dye I bought in a shop. I wanted it a ginger/auburn colour, and my mum usually does my hair for me, but I was really impatient to dye it while she was at work, so I did it myself. I didn't do it properly though - I think I missed parts of my hair, or there wasn't enough dye to cover all my hair, and I left it in for too long. So my hair went a very unnatural shade of red, like Ariel from the Little Mermaid :P so the next day, my mum bought this "hair-dye remover" product, which only made the matter ten times worse - my hair went bright orange! so then I had to shamefully go to the hairdresser and get it fixed. She managed to save it, luckily, and get it a normal colour. It was a dark auburn, but now that's all faded and washed out, my hair looks more like a golden brown with reddish tints. Its quite pretty, but I'm probably going to dye it again some time in the near future :') I should have used Henna to dye my hair in the first place, seeing how well yours turned out. But if all that hadn't happened, I wouldn't have got the colour I have now, haha :') x

  2. Wow, I'm having major hair envy right now. It will take a long time for mine to come even close to this...jealous!

    -lAURA xx