Saturday, 26 November 2011

The concert was sooo good! I got quite close, but it's difficult to take decent photos when everybody is jumping around. These are some of the best ones :)

He was singing 'Seaside' in this one above.

Unfortunately, however, they started really late (like, two and a half hours late according to my brother. But he might be exaggerating. It was a long time though). Nothing happened for half an hour, then the warm-up band played for a while, and then there was nothing for a good 20 minutes. I forgot how annoyed I was though once they came on stage, haha. But it meant I had to leave early in order to catch the last bus :( 


  1. Oh it's so amazing you got to see the kooks! I've never seen them. Aw it's a pity that they were late and you had to leave early but I think you had a good time right? (:

  2. so jealous that you saw The Kooks, 'Seaside' is one of my favourites! oh, and Luke's hair is just perfection haha :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie